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ADA Paratransit Service Models (2018)

Use of Agency Service Agreements in ADA Paratransit Delivery (2021)

Toolkit for Integrating Non-Dedicated Vehicles in Paratransit Service (2007)

Paratransit Manager's Skills, Qualifications, and Needs (2007)

Improving ADA Complementary Paratransit Demand Estimation (2007)

Paratransit Emergency Preparedness and Operations Handbook (2013)

Administration of ADA Paratransit Eligibility Appeal Programs (2018)

Impacts of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Transit Agency Liability (2018)

Improving ADA Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling (2012)

Paratransit Manager's Skills, Qualifications, and Needs (2007)

The Americans with Disabilities Act: The Federal Transit Administration's Letters of Findings and Compliance Assessments (2007)

Resource Guide for Commingling ADA and Non-ADA Paratransit Riders (2011)

Policies and Practices for Effectively and Efficiently Meeting ADA Paratransit Demand (2008)

Integration of Paratransit and Fixed-Route Transit Services (2008)

Survey Instrument, Productivity Charts, and Interview Protocol for Case Studies for TCRP Report 142 (2010)

ADA Paratransit and Other Demand-Responsive Transportation Services in Small to Midsized Transit Agencies (2022)

Vehicle Operator Recruitment, Retention, and Performance in ADA Complementary Paratransit Operations (2010)

Use of Taxis in Public Transportation for People with Disabilities and Older Adults (2016)