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Understanding, Controlling, and Preventing Exposure to PFAS: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2020)

Materials Research to Meet 21st-Century Defense Needs (2003)

Advanced Organic Composite Materials for Aircraft Structures: Future Program (1987)

Exploring Organic Environments in the Solar System (2007)

Materials Research to Meet 21st Century Defense Needs: Interim Report (2001)

ONR Research Opportunities in Chemistry (1994)

Materials for High-Density Electronic Packaging and Interconnection (1990)

Materials Science and Technology: Challenges for the Chemical Sciences in the 21st Century (2003)

Frontiers in Memristive Materials for Neuromorphic Processing Applications: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)

Toward Sustainability: Soil and Water Research Priorities for Developing Countries (1991)

Dual-Use Technologies and Export Control in the Post-Cold War Era (1994)

Drinking Water and Health,: Volume 2 (1980)

Research Opportunities for Managing the Department of Energy's Transuranic and Mixed Wastes (2002)

Effects of a Polluted Environment: Research and Development Needs (1977)