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A Framework for Assessing Mortality and Morbidity After Large-Scale Disasters (2020)

Estimating Mortality Risk Reduction and Economic Benefits from Controlling Ozone Air Pollution (2008)

Improving Birth Outcomes: Meeting the Challenge in the Developing World (2003)

Epidemiology and Air Pollution (1985)

Decline of the Sea Turtles: Causes and Prevention (1990)

Contraceptive Use and Controlled Fertility: Health Issues for Women and Children (1989)

Contraception and Reproduction: Health Consequences for Women and Children in the Developing World (1989)

Preparing for the 21st Century: Challenges Facing a Changing Society (1997)

Achieving Excellence in the Diagnosis of Acute Cardiovascular Events: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

Nutrition Across the Lifespan for Healthy Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2016)

Meeting the Dietary Needs of Older Adults: Workshop in Brief (2016)

Core Competencies for Highway Safety Professionals (2006)

Risk Communication and Vaccination: Workshop Summary (1997)

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in the Era of COVID-19: The Impact of the Pandemic on Communities of Color: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2021)

Estimating the Contributions of Lifestyle-Related Factors to Preventable Death: A Workshop Summary (2005)

Immunization Safety Review: Influenza Vaccines and Neurological Complications (2004)

Adolescent Development and the Biology of Puberty: Summary of a Workshop on New Research (1999)