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Adverse Events Associated with Childhood Vaccines: Evidence Bearing on Causality (1994)

Veterans at Risk: The Health Effects of Mustard Gas and Lewisite (1993)

Immunization Safety Review: Vaccinations and Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (2003)

Adverse Effects of Pertussis and Rubella Vaccines (1991)

Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality (2012)

Integration of Analysis Methods and Development of Analysis Plan (2012)

Indoor Allergens: Assessing and Controlling Adverse Health Effects (1993)

Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals: Volume 7 (2009)

From Generation to Generation: The Health and Well-Being of Children in Immigrant Families (1998)

Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals: Volume 2 (2002)

Indicators for Waterborne Pathogens (2004)

Gulf War and Health: Volume 7: Long-Term Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury (2009)

Improving Food Safety Through a One Health Approach: Workshop Summary (2012)

Neurological, Psychiatric, and Developmental Disorders: Meeting the Challenge in the Developing World (2001)

Technology Transfer Systems in the United States and Germany: Lessons and Perspectives (1997)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 47 (1975)

Nutrition and Traumatic Brain Injury: Improving Acute and Subacute Health Outcomes in Military Personnel (2011)