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Graduate Medical Education That Meets the Nation's Health Needs (2014)

Graduate Medical Education Outcomes and Metrics: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Conflict of Interest in Medical Research, Education, and Practice (2009)

Improving Medical Education: Enhancing the Behavioral and Social Science Content of Medical School Curricula (2004)

Mentoring of Black Graduate and Medical Students, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Early-Career Faculty in Science, Engineering, and Medicine: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Improving Genetics Education in Graduate and Continuing Health Professional Education: Workshop Summary (2015)

Establishing an African Association for Health Professions Education and Research: Workshop in Brief (2016)

An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop (2018)

The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in Higher Education: Branches from the Same Tree (2018)

Effective Mentoring in STEMM: Practice, Research, and Future Directions: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2017)

Fostering Independence, Participation, and Healthy Aging Through Technology: Workshop Summary (2013)

Resident Duty Hours: Enhancing Sleep, Supervision, and Safety (2009)

Assessing Health Professional Education: Workshop Summary (2014)

Research Training in Psychiatry Residency: Strategies for Reform (2003)

Assessment of Scientific Information for the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program: Interim Report (2003)

Infographic Poster for the Future of Nursing (2014)