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Mathematical and Scientific Development in Early Childhood: A Workshop Summary (2005)

Prime Obsession: Bernhard Riemann and the Greatest Unsolved Problem in Mathematics (2003)

Knowing and Learning Mathematics for Teaching: Proceedings of a Workshop (2001)

Helping Children Learn Mathematics (2002)

Everybody Counts: A Report to the Nation on the Future of Mathematics Education (1989)

Improving Mathematics Education: Resources for Decision Making (2001)

Keeping Score (1999)

Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics (2001)

U.S. Research Institutes in the Mathematical Sciences: Assessment and Perspectives (1999)

Improving Learning with Information Technology: Report of a Workshop (2002)

Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood: Paths Toward Excellence and Equity (2009)

Mathematical Foundations of High-Performance Computing and Communications (1991)

The Assessment of Science Meets the Science of Assessment: Summary of a Workshop (1999)

Measuring What Counts: A Policy Brief (1993)

The Interface of Three Areas of Computer Science with the Mathematical Sciences: Summary of a Workshop (2000)

On Evaluating Curricular Effectiveness: Judging the Quality of K-12 Mathematics Evaluations (2004)