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Malaria: Obstacles and Opportunities (1991)

Assessment of the Role of Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Malaria in Infants: Letter Report (2008)

Malaria Control During Mass Population Movements and Natural Disasters (2003)

Saving Lives, Buying Time: Economics of Malaria Drugs in an Age of Resistance (2004)

Battling Malaria: Strengthening the U.S. Military Malaria Vaccine Program (2006)

Science and Creationism: A View from the National Academy of Sciences, Second Edition (1999)

Science, Medicine, and Animals (2004)

The Genomic Revolution: Implications for Treatment and Control of Infectious Disease: Working Group Summaries (2006)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume V: Cooperation and Conflict (2011)

Perspectives on the Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System: A Program Review (2001)

Challenges in Characterizing Small Particles: Exploring Particles from the Nano- to Microscale: A Workshop Summary (2012)

Vaccines Against Malaria (1996)

Emerging Infections: Microbial Threats to Health in the United States (1992)

The Resistance Phenomenon in Microbes and Infectious Disease Vectors: Implications for Human Health and Strategies for Containment: Workshop Summary (2003)

Pharmaceuticals for Developing Countries: Conference Proceedings (1979)

Assessment of Long-Term Health Effects of Antimalarial Drugs When Used for Prophylaxis (2020)

Mobilizing Science-Based Enterprises for Energy, Water, and Medicines in Nigeria (2007)

Future Biotechnology Research on the International Space Station (2000)