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Designing Safety Regulations for High-Hazard Industries (2018)

A Nationwide Framework for Surveillance of Cardiovascular and Chronic Lung Diseases (2011)

Improving ADA Paratransit Demand Estimation: Regional Modeling (2012)

Committee for Pavement Technology Review and Evaluation Letter Report: January 15, 2010 (2010)

Eliminating Health Disparities: Measurement and Data Needs (2004)

Research and Technology Coordinating Committee Letter Report: September 2007 (2006)

Uses of Mobile Information Technology Devices in the Field for Design, Construction, and Asset Management (2016)

Seismographic Networks: Problems and Outlook for the 1980s: Report (1983)

Field Validation of Laboratory Tests to Assess Cracking Resistance of Asphalt Mixtures: An Experimental Design (2016)

Permissible Changes in Scope of Work for Construction Contracts (2015)

Guidance for Design Hydrology for Stream Restoration and Channel Stability (2017)

Expediting Aircraft Recovery at Airports (2012)

Site-Based Video System Design and Development (2012)

The Case For Human Factors in Industry and Government: Report of a Workshop (1997)

Review of Methods for Estimating Radiation Doses to Workers at Hanford: Letter Report (2001)

Data Priorities for Population and Health in Developing Countries: Summary of a Workshop (1996)