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Understanding the Sun and Solar System Plasmas: Future Directions in Solar and Space Physics (2004)

Touch the Sun: A NASA Braille Book (2005)

Ground-Based Solar Research: An Assessment and Strategy for the Future (1998)

The National Geomagnetic Initiative (1993)

The Field of Solar Physics: Review and Recommendations for Ground-Based Solar Research (1989)

Scientific Assessment of NASA's SMEX-MIDEX Space Physics Mission Selections (1997)

Distributed Arrays of Small Instruments for Solar-Terrestrial Research: Report of a Workshop (2006)

Solar Influences on Global Change (1994)

The Effects of Solar Variability on Earth's Climate: A Workshop Report (2012)

The Explorer Program for Astronomy and Astrophysics (1986)

Severe Space Weather Events–Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts: A Workshop Report: Extended Summary (2009)

Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society: An Overview (2014)

Brain and Cognition: Some New Technologies (1989)

A Science Strategy for Space Physics (1995)

Working Papers: Astronomy and Astrophysics Panel Reports (1991)

Radiation and the International Space Station: Recommendations to Reduce Risk (2000)

Astronomy and Astrophysics for the 1980's, Volume 1: Report of the Astronomy Survey Committee (1982)

New Frontiers in Solar System Exploration (2003)

Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society (2013)

Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium: Panel Reports (2001)