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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Earth System Science: Opportunities and Challenges: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Accelerate Translational Research: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Advance Environmental Health Research and Decisions: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2019)

Robust Machine Learning Algorithms and Systems for Detection and Mitigation of Adversarial Attacks and Anomalies: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

The Role of Research and Technology in the Changing Ocean Economy: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2020)

Innovative Data Science Approaches to Identify Individuals, Populations, and Communities at High Risk for Suicide: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Data Analytics and What It Means to the Materials Community: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)

Mobile Technology for Adaptive Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop (2020)

An Examination of Emerging Bioethical Issues in Biomedical Research: Proceedings of a Workshop (2020)

Challenges in Machine Generation of Analytic Products from Multi-Source Data: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research (2014)

Artificial Intelligence: An International Dialogue: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2019)

Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Training Students to Extract Value from Big Data: Summary of a Workshop (2015)

Big Data and Analytics for Infectious Disease Research, Operations, and Policy: Proceedings of a Workshop (2016)

Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis (2013)

Strengthening Data Science Methods for Department of Defense Personnel and Readiness Missions (2017)