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Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: Summary of Two Workshops (2011)

Standards for K-12 Engineering Education? (2010)

Learning Science Through Computer Games and Simulations (2011)

Selecting Instructional Materials: A Guide for K-12 Science (1999)

Reaching Students: What Research Says About Effective Instruction in Undergraduate Science and Engineering (2015)

America's Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science (2006)

Education for Life and Work: Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century (2012)

Knowing What Students Know: The Science and Design of Educational Assessment (2001)

Service-Learning in Undergraduate Geosciences: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Teaching K-12 Science and Engineering During a Crisis (2020)

Learning Through Citizen Science: Enhancing Opportunities by Design (2018)

Research in the Life Sciences with Dual Use Potential: An International Faculty Development Project on Education About the Responsible Conduct of Science (2011)

Classroom Assessment and the National Science Education Standards (2001)

Assessment in Support of Instruction and Learning: Bridging the Gap Between Large-Scale and Classroom Assessment: Workshop Report (2003)

How People Learn II: Learners, Contexts, and Cultures (2018)

State Assessment Systems: Exploring Best Practices and Innovations: Summary of Two Workshops (2010)