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New Frontiers in Solar System Exploration (2003)

Exploring the Trans-Neptunian Solar System (1998)

Planetary Protection Considerations for Missions to Solar System Small Bodies: Report Series--Committee on Planetary Protection (2022)

New Frontiers in the Solar System: An Integrated Exploration Strategy (2003)

Opening New Frontiers in Space: Choices for the Next New Frontiers Announcement of Opportunity (2008)

Evaluating the Biological Potential in Samples Returned from Planetary Satellites and Small Solar System Bodies: Framework for Decision Making (1998)

Report Series: Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Science: Getting Ready for the Next Planetary Science Decadal Survey (2017)

Priorities in Space Science Enabled by Nuclear Power and Propulsion (2006)

Exploring Organic Environments in the Solar System (2007)

Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium: An Overview (2001)

Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022 (2011)

Assessment of Planetary Protection Requirements for Spacecraft Missions to Icy Solar System Bodies (2012)

Origins, Worlds, and Life: A Decadal Strategy for Planetary Science and Astrobiology 2023-2032 (2022)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 1998 (1999)

Scientific Assessment of the Descoped Mission Concept for the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST): Letter Report (2001)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 2002 (2003)

Near-Earth Object Surveys and Hazard Mitigation Strategies: Interim Report (2009)

Astronomy and Astrophysics in the New Millennium (2001)

U.S. Astronomy and Astrophysics: Managing an Integrated Program (2001)