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Linking Knowledge with Action for Sustainable Development: The Role of Program Management: Summary of a Workshop (2006)

Early Childhood Development and Learning: New Knowledge for Policy (2001)

Implementing Juvenile Justice Reform: The Federal Role (2014)

Depression in Parents, Parenting, and Children: Opportunities to Improve Identification, Treatment, and Prevention (2009)

An Expert System for Recommending Speed Limits in Speed Zones (2007)

Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach (2013)

Advancing Gene-Targeted Therapies for Central Nervous System Disorders: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

The Promise of Adolescence: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth (2019)

The Drama of the Commons (2002)

Information Technology (IT)-Based Educational Materials: Workshop Report with Recommendations (2003)

A Framework for Improving Travel Time Reliability (2013)

Shaping Summertime Experiences: Opportunities to Promote Healthy Development and Well-Being for Children and Youth (2019)

Implementing Transportation Knowledge Networks (2009)

Realizing the Energy Potential of Methane Hydrate for the United States (2010)

Information Systems and the Environment (2001)

How Students Learn: Science in the Classroom (2005)

How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the Classroom (2005)

Studying Classroom Teaching as a Medium for Professional Development: Proceedings of a U.S.-Japan Workshop (2002)

The Last Sorcerers: The Path from Alchemy to the Periodic Table (2003)

From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development (2000)