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The Impact of Juvenile Justice System Involvement on the Health and Well-Being of Youth, Families, and Communities of Color: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach (2013)

The Criminal Justice System and Social Exclusion: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2018)

Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice (2001)

Measurement Problems in Criminal Justice Research: Workshop Summary (2003)

Understanding and Preventing Violence, Volume 4: Consequences and Control (1994)

Criminal Careers and "Career Criminals,": Volume I (1986)

Adolescent Health Services: Missing Opportunities (2009)

Reducing Racial Inequality in Crime and Justice: Science, Practice, and Policy (2022)

Informing America's Policy on Illegal Drugs: What We Don't Know Keeps Hurting Us (2001)

Working Families and Growing Kids: Caring for Children and Adolescents (2003)

Criminal Careers and "Career Criminals,": Volume II (1986)

New Treatments for Addiction: Behavioral, Ethical, Legal, and Social Questions (2004)

Treating Drug Problems: Volume 1 (1990)

Reducing the Burden of Injury: Advancing Prevention and Treatment (1999)

Strategic Issues Facing Transportation, Volume 4: Sustainability as an Organizing Principle for Transportation Agencies (2014)

Community Programs to Promote Youth Development (2002)

Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing, Volume II: Working Papers and Statistical Appendices (1987)

Risking the Future: Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Childbearing, Volume II Working Papers only (1987)

Confronting Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the United States (2013)