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Emergency Alert and Warning Systems: Current Knowledge and Future Research Directions (2018)

The Rogue Valley Ecological Framework: Mapping Open Space, Ecologically Important Areas, and Ecological Corridors for Transportation Planners, Agencies, Municipalities, Developers, Conservation NGOs, and Citizens (2013)

Final Comments on the Science Plan for the North Pacific Research Board (2005)

Watershed Research in the U.S. Geological Survey (1997)

Restoration of Aquatic Ecosystems: Science, Technology, and Public Policy (1992)

West Virginia Division of Highways’ Roadmap to a Watershed Approach for Maximizing Ecological Lift through Compensatory Mitigation Activities (2013)

An Ecological Approach to Integrating Conservation and Highway Planning, Volume 2 (2012)

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Development and Fisheries: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Opportunities to Use Remote Sensing in Understanding Permafrost and Related Ecological Characteristics: Report of a Workshop (2014)

First Report from the NRC Committee on the Review of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration (LACPR) Program (2008)

Thought Leader Forum Summary—Emerging Issues for ACRP (2019)

The Gulf Research Program: A Strategic Vision (2014)

Twenty-First Century Ecosystems: Managing the Living World Two Centuries After Darwin: Report of a Symposium (2011)

Final Report from the NRC Committee on the Review of the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration (LACPR) Program (2009)

California Pilot Test of the Ecological Approaches to Environmental Protection Developed in Capacity Research Projects C06A and C06B (2013)

Review of EPA's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program: Overall Evaluation (1995)

The New Orleans Hurricane Protection System: Assessing Pre-Katrina Vulnerability and Improving Mitigation and Preparedness (2009)

Observations on the President's Fiscal Year 2001 Federal Science and Technology Budget (2000)

Transitioning to Sustainability Through Research and Development on Ecosystem Services and Biofuels: Workshop Summary (2008)

Effective Monitoring to Evaluate Ecological Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico (2017)