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Advancing Nuclear Medicine Through Innovation (2007)

2000 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Marine Corps Science and Technology Program (2000)

New Research Directions for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency: Workshop Report (2010)

Manufacturing Process Controls for the Industries of the Future (1998)

2002 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Air and Surface Weapons Technology Program (2002)

Catalyzing Inquiry at the Interface of Computing and Biology (2005)

Massive Data Sets: Proceedings of a Workshop (1996)

Priorities for GEOINT Research at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (2006)

The Mathematical Sciences in 2025 (2013)

Mathematics and Physics of Emerging Biomedical Imaging (1996)

Technology for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, 2000-2035: Becoming a 21st-Century Force: Volume 6: Platforms (1997)

Autonomous Vehicles in Support of Naval Operations (2005)

Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis (2013)

Issues in the Integration of Research and Operational Satellite Systems for Climate Research: Part II. Implementation (2000)

Spatial Statistics and Digital Image Analysis (1991)

C4ISR for Future Naval Strike Groups (2006)

Post-Extreme Event Damage Assessment and Response for Highway Bridges (2016)

Virtual Reality: Scientific and Technological Challenges (1995)

Nondestructive Testing to Identify Delaminations Between HMA Layers, Volume 3 - Controlled Evaluation Reports (2013)