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Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century (2012)

Discovering the Brain (1992)

Neuroscience Biomarkers and Biosignatures: Converging Technologies, Emerging Partnerships: Workshop Summary (2008)

Children's Mental Health and the Life Course Model: A Virtual Workshop Series: Proceedings of a Workshop (2020)

Symposium on the Role of the Vestibular Organs in Space Exploration (1970)

Spinal Cord Injury: Progress, Promise, and Priorities (2005)

The Science of Adolescent Risk-Taking: Workshop Report (2011)

The Promise of Adolescence: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth (2019)

Hazard and Security Plan Workshop: Instructor Guide (2006)

Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research: Workshop Summary (2011)

Digital People: From Bionic Humans to Androids (2004)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 79 (2001)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume VI: Brain and Behavior (2013)

Child Maltreatment Research, Policy, and Practice for the Next Decade: Workshop Summary (2012)

Improving the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of Young Adults: Workshop Summary (2013)

Hearing Loss and Healthy Aging: Workshop Summary (2014)

How People Learn II: Learners, Contexts, and Cultures (2018)

Opportunities in Neuroscience for Future Army Applications (2009)

Sports-Related Concussions in Youth: Improving the Science, Changing the Culture (2014)

Biomarkers of Neuroinflammation: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)