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Nutritional Management of Acute Diarrhea in Infants and Children (1985)

Nutritional Needs in Cold and High-Altitude Environments: Applications for Military Personnel in Field Operations (1996)

Monitoring Metabolic Status: Predicting Decrements in Physiological and Cognitive Performance (2004)

Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate (2005)

The Role of Chromium in Animal Nutrition (1997)

Fire Research Abstracts and Reviews, Volume 11 (1969)

Nutritional Needs in Hot Environments: Applications for Military Personnel in Field Operations (1993)

Committee on Military Nutrition Research: Activity Report 1994-1999 (1999)

Performance Measurement Framework for Highway Capacity Decision Making (2009)

Environmental Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation (2015)

High-Energy, Nutrient-Dense Emergency Relief Food Product (2002)

Toward a Microgravity Research Strategy (1992)

Formulations for Aircraft and Airfield Deicing and Anti-Icing: Aquatic Toxicity and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (2009)

Recommended Dietary Allowances: 10th Edition (1989)

Guidelines for Developing Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentrations for Space Station Contaminants (1992)

Nutrient Composition of Rations for Short-Term, High-Intensity Combat Operations (2006)

Caffeine for the Sustainment of Mental Task Performance: Formulations for Military Operations (2001)

Guiding Principles for Developing Dietary Reference Intakes Based on Chronic Disease (2017)