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Ocean Acidification: Starting with the Science (2011)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Fish Stock Rebuilding Plans in the United States (2014)

Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current: Critical Gaps and Recommendations (2018)

Science and Its Role in the National Marine Fisheries Service (2002)

Fishing Vessel Safety: Blueprint for a National Program (1991)

Atlantic Offshore Renewable Energy Development and Fisheries: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2018)

Cooperative Research in the National Marine Fisheries Service (2004)

Sharing the Fish: Toward a National Policy on Individual Fishing Quotas (1999)

Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing Research at NIOSH: Reviews of Research Programs of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (2008)

Advancing The Principles of The Prevention Through People Program (1997)

Improving the Management of U.S. Marine Fisheries (1994)

The Community Development Quota Program in Alaska (1999)

Sustaining Marine Fisheries (1999)

Effects of Trawling and Dredging on Seafloor Habitat (2002)

The Global Ocean Observing System: Users, Benefits, and Priorities (1997)

Gulf Research Program Annual Report 2020 (2021)

Review of Northeast Fishery Stock Assessments (1998)

Improving the Collection, Management, and Use of Marine Fisheries Data (2000)

Offshore Wind Energy Projects: Summary of a Workshop (2011)