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In the Light of Evolution: Volume X: Comparative Phylogeography (2017)

(NAS Colloquium) The Future of Evolution (2002)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume II: Biodiversity and Extinction (2008)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume III: Two Centuries of Darwin (2009)

Systematics and the Origin of Species: On Ernst Mayr's 100th Anniversary (2005)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume V: Cooperation and Conflict (2011)

Mathematics and 21st Century Biology (2005)

Understanding Marine Biodiversity (1995)

Global Change Ecosystems Research (2000)

Gene Drives on the Horizon: Advancing Science, Navigating Uncertainty, and Aligning Research with Public Values (2016)

Perspectives on Biodiversity: Valuing Its Role in an Everchanging World (1999)

The Social Biology of Microbial Communities: Workshop Summary (2012)

Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range (2002)

The Influence of Global Environmental Change on Infectious Disease Dynamics: Workshop Summary (2014)

Nature and Human Society: The Quest for a Sustainable World (1997)

Biodiversity II: Understanding and Protecting Our Biological Resources (1997)

The Science and Applications of Microbial Genomics: Workshop Summary (2013)

Microbial Ecology in States of Health and Disease: Workshop Summary (2014)

The Scientific Bases for the Preservation of the Hawaiian Crow (1992)