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Research Priorities to Inform Public Health and Medical Practice for Ebola Virus Disease: Workshop in Brief (2014)

International Infectious Disease Emergencies and Domestic Implications for the Public Health and Health Care Sectors: Workshop in Brief (2015)

The Ebola Epidemic in West Africa: Proceedings of a Workshop (2016)

The Use and Effectiveness of Powered Air Purifying Respirators in Health Care: Workshop Summary (2015)

Integrating Clinical Research into Epidemic Response: The Ebola Experience (2017)

Emerging Viral Diseases: The One Health Connection: Workshop Summary (2015)

Rapid Medical Countermeasure Response to Infectious Diseases: Enabling Sustainable Capabilities Through Ongoing Public- and Private-Sector Partnerships: Workshop Summary (2016)

Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Nonhuman Primates (2003)

Secret Agents: The Menace of Emerging Infections (2002)

Biological Threats and Terrorism: Assessing the Science and Response Capabilities: Workshop Summary (2002)

Airport Roles in Reducing Transmission of Communicable Diseases (2019)

Animal Models for Assessing Countermeasures to Bioterrorism Agents (2011)

Technical Input on the National Institutes of Health's Draft Supplementary Risk Assessments and Site Suitability Analyses for the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory, Boston University: A Letter Report (2007)

Review of Research Proposals for Cooperation with Former Soviet Biological Weapons Personnel and Institutes: Letter Report from 2000-2004 Reviews (2005)

Genomic Epidemiology Data Infrastructure Needs for SARS-CoV-2: Modernizing Pandemic Response Strategies (2020)

Continuing Assistance to the National Institutes of Health on Preparation of Additional Risk Assessments for the Boston University NEIDL, Phase 1 (2010)

Global Health Risk Framework: Resilient and Sustainable Health Systems to Respond to Global Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Workshop Summary (2016)

Public Transit Emergency Preparedness Against Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases: Legal Issues (2017)