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An Assessment of Selected Programs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology Engineering Laboratory: Fiscal Year 2020 (2021)

National Earthquake Resilience: Research, Implementation, and Outreach (2011)

Natural Disasters and Energy Policy: A Summary of the Forum on Natural Diasters and Energy Policy, June 12, 2001, Washington, DC (2002)

Improved Seismic Monitoring - Improved Decision-Making: Assessing the Value of Reduced Uncertainty (2006)

Report of the Observer Panel for the U.S.-Japan Earthquake Policy Symposium (1997)

Preventing Earthquake Disasters: The Grand Challenge in Earthquake Engineering: A Research Agenda for the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) (2003)

Science as a Gateway to Understanding: International Workshop Proceedings, Tehran, Iran (2008)

Alerting America: Effective Risk Communication: Summary of a Forum (2003)

Practical Lessons from the Loma Prieta Earthquake (1994)

Estimating Losses from Future Earthquakes: Panel Report (1989)

Grand Challenges in Earthquake Engineering Research: A Community Workshop Report (2011)

Estimating Losses from Future Earthquakes (1989)

Living on an Active Earth: Perspectives on Earthquake Science (2003)

Building Damage in South Carolina Caused by the Tornadoes of March 28, 1984 (1985)

Increasing National Resilience to Hazards and Disasters: The Perspective from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi: Summary of a Workshop (2011)

Paying the Price: The Status and Role of Insurance Against Natural Disasters in the United States (1998)

International Science in the National Interest at the U.S. Geological Survey (2012)

Making the Nation Safe from Fire: A Path Forward in Research (2003)