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Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects (2016)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2006 Symposium (2007)

The Right Thing to Do, The Smart Thing to Do: Enhancing Diversity in the Health Professions -- Summary of the Symposium on Diversity in Health Professions in Honor of Herbert W. Nickens, M.D. (2001)

Eager to Learn: Educating Our Preschoolers (2001)

Addressing the Nation's Changing Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Scientists (2000)

Responsible Research: A Systems Approach to Protecting Research Participants (2003)

Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life's Origin (2005)

Veterans and Agent Orange: Update 2000 (2001)

Storms from the Sun: The Emerging Science of Space Weather (2002)

Scientific and Medical Aspects of Human Reproductive Cloning (2002)

Non-Heart-Beating Organ Transplantation: Practice and Protocols (2000)

Vaccines for the 21st Century: A Tool for Decisionmaking (2000)

Care of the Elderly Patient: Policy Issues and Research Opportunities (1989)

Adviser, Teacher, Role Model, Friend: On Being a Mentor to Students in Science and Engineering (1997)

U.S. Nuclear Engineering Education: Status and Prospects (1990)

Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide to Grad School and Beyond (1996)

Reshaping the Graduate Education of Scientists and Engineers (1995)

Potential Research Priorities to Inform Public Health and Medical Practice for Domestic Zika Virus: Workshop in Brief (2016)