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An Expert System for Recommending Speed Limits in Speed Zones (2007)

Strategic Approaches at the Corridor and Network Level to Minimize Disruption from the Renewal Process (2013)

Population, Land Use, and Environment: Research Directions (2005)

Opportunities in Marine Science and Technology for Developing Countries (1985)

Landscape Development and Management Practices for Urban Freeway Roadsides (2019)

Generating Revenue from Commercial Development On or Adjacent to Airports (2017)

An Examination of 14 Projects to Validate the Results of SHRP 2’s Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (T-PICS) (2014)

Bus Transit Service in Land Development Planning (2006)

Linking Transit Agencies and Land Use Decision Making: Guidebook for Transit Agencies (2015)

Evaluating and Implementing Airport Privatization and Public-Private Partnerships (2021)

Guidebook to Funding Transportation Through Land Value Return and Recycling (2018)

Service Life of Corrosion-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridge Superstructure Elements: Web-Only Document (2006)

Use of Smart Work Zone Technologies for Improving Work Zone Safety (2022)

Planning and Design of Airport Terminal Restrooms and Ancillary Spaces (2021)

Compilation of Noise Programs in Areas Outside DNL 65 (2009)

Guide to Value Capture Financing for Public Transportation Projects (2016)

Understanding Research, Science and Technology Parks: Global Best Practices: Report of a Symposium (2009)

Airport Responsibility for Wildlife Management (2013)

Guidebook on Effective Land Use Compatibility Planning Strategies for General Aviation Airports (2019)

Enhancing Airport Land Use Compatibility, Volume 2: Land Use Survey and Case Study Summaries (2010)