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Design Guidance for Channelized Right-Turn Lanes (2014)

Design Guidance for Intersection Auxiliary Lanes (2014)

Design Guidance for Freeway Mainline Ramp Terminals (2012)

Solid-State Roadway Lighting Design Guide: Volume 1: Guidance (2020)

Design Guidance for High-Speed to Low-Speed Transitions Zones for Rural Highways (2012)

Guidance for Design Hydrology for Stream Restoration and Channel Stability (2017)

Guidance for Planning, Design, and Operations of Airport Communications Centers (2018)

Guidance for the Design and Application of Shoulder and Centerline Rumble Strips (2009)

Guidelines for Cost-Effective Safety Treatments of Roadside Ditches (2021)

Alternative Intersection Design and Selection (2020)

Recommended Bicycle Lane Widths for Various Roadway Characteristics (2014)

Design of Interchange Loop Ramps and Pavement/Shoulder Cross-Slope Breaks (2017)

Design Fires in Road Tunnels (2011)

Zone of Intrusion Envelopes Under MASH Impact Conditions for Rigid Barrier Attachments (2022)

Evaluation and Assessment of Environmentally Sensitive Stream Bank Protection Measures (2016)

Superelevation Criteria for Sharp Horizontal Curves on Steep Grades (2014)

Solid-State Roadway Lighting Design Guide: Volume 2: Research Overview (2020)

Proposed Enhancements to Pavement ME Design: Improved Consideration of the Influence of Subgrade and Unbound Layers on Pavement Performance (2019)

Final Report for NCHRP Report 581: Design of Construction Work Zones on High-Speed Highways (2007)