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Practices for Establishing Contract Completion Dates for Highway Projects (2017)

Contractual Means of Achieving High-level Performance in Transit Contracts (2013)

Procuring and Managing Professional Services for Airports (2013)

Selection and Evaluation of Alternative Contracting Methods to Accelerate Project Completion (2008)

A Guidebook for Increasing Diverse and Small Business Participation in Airport Business Opportunities (2015)

Integrating Airport Information Systems (2009)

Systematic Approach for Determining Construction Contract Time: A Guidebook (2022)

Review of U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Stability Regulations (2018)

Revisiting the Department of Defense SBIR Fast Track Initiative (2009)

Guidance for Transportation Project Management (2009)

Techniques for Effective Highway Construction Projects in Congested Urban Areas (2011)

Pavement Marking Warranty Specifications (2010)

Contract Risk Management for Airport Agreements (2016)

A Guidebook for Airport-Airline Consortiums (2014)

Guidebook for Evaluating Fuel Purchasing Strategies for Public Transit Agencies (2012)

Expedited Procurement Procedures for Emergency Construction Services (2012)

Continuity of NOAA Satellites (1997)