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Understanding and Predicting the Gulf of Mexico Loop Current: Critical Gaps and Recommendations (2018)

When Weather Matters: Science and Services to Meet Critical Societal Needs (2010)

Four-Dimensional Model Assimilation of Data: A Strategy for the Earth System Sciences (1991)

Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX) Continental-Scale International Project: A Review of Progress and Opportunities (1998)

Next Generation Earth System Prediction: Strategies for Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasts (2016)

NOAA's Role in Space-Based Global Precipitation Estimation and Application (2007)

Assessment of Intraseasonal to Interannual Climate Prediction and Predictability (2010)

Planning the Future Space Weather Operations and Research Infrastructure: Proceedings of the Phase II Workshop (2022)

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Advance Earth System Science: Opportunities and Challenges: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Report of a Workshop on Predictability and Limits-To-Prediction in Hydrologic Systems (2002)

Massive Data Sets: Proceedings of a Workshop (1996)

A Scientific Strategy for U.S. Participation in the GOALS (Global Ocean-Atmosphere-Land System) Component of the CLIVAR (Climate Variability and Predictability) Programme (1998)

Weather Radar Technology Beyond NEXRAD (2002)

Advancing the Understanding and Forecasting of Mesoscale Weather in the United States (1990)

Statistics and Physical Oceanography (1993)

Review of NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Research Strategy for 2000-2010 (2000)

Weather Services for the Nation: Becoming Second to None (2012)

Urban Meteorology: Forecasting, Monitoring, and Meeting Users' Needs (2012)

Identifying New Community-Driven Science Themes for NSF's Support of Paleoclimate Research: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)

Completing the Forecast: Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainty for Better Decisions Using Weather and Climate Forecasts (2006)