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Autonomous Vehicles in Support of Naval Operations (2005)

U.S. Conventional Prompt Global Strike: Issues for 2008 and Beyond (2008)

Nuclear Arms Control: Background and Issues (1985)

Conventional Prompt Global Strike Capability: Letter Report (2007)

Reykjavik and Beyond: Deep Reductions in Strategic Nuclear Arsenals and the Future Direction of Arms Control (1988)

The Future of the U.S.-Soviet Nuclear Relationship (1991)

Naval Communications Architecture (1994)

Proceedings of the Symposium on Tactical Meteorology and Oceanography: Support for Strike Warfare and Ship Self-Defense (1996)

Regional Ballistic Missile Defense in the Context of Strategic Stability (2021)

Review of ONR's Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles Program (2000)

Selected Directed Energy Research and Development for U.S. Air Force Aircraft Applications: A Workshop Summary (2013)

Key Challenges for Effective Testing and Evaluation Across Department of Defense Ranges: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

Challenges for the 1990s for Arms Control and International Security (1989)

The Navy and Marine Corps in Regional Conflict in the 21st Century (1996)

2002 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Air and Surface Weapons Technology Program (2002)

Symposium on Naval Warfare and Coastal Oceanography: Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia, April 29-May 2, 1991 (1992)

Enhancing Operational Effectiveness of U.S. Naval Forces in Highly Degraded Environments: Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Abbreviated Version of Full Report (2022)

Environmental Information for Naval Warfare (2003)

C4ISR for Future Naval Strike Groups (2006)