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Cleaning Up Sites Contaminated with Radioactive Materials: International Workshop Proceedings (2009)

Strengthening U.S.-Russian Cooperation on Nuclear Nonproliferation: Recommendations for Action (2005)

Future of the Nuclear Security Environment in 2015: Proceedings of a Russian-U.S. Workshop (2009)

The Impact of Selling the Federal Helium Reserve (2000)

Management and Disposition of Excess Weapons Plutonium: Reactor-Related Options (1995)

Review of NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program: An Interim Report (2008)

Research Opportunities for Deactivating and Decommissioning Department of Energy Facilities (2001)

Review of DOE's Nuclear Energy Research and Development Program (2008)

Human Factors Research and Nuclear Safety (1988)

Merits and Viability of Different Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Technology Options and the Waste Aspects of Advanced Nuclear Reactors (2022)

The Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities, Costs, Barriers, and R&D Needs (2004)

A Constrained Space Exploration Technology Program: A Review of NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program (2008)

Powering the U.S. Army of the Future (2021)

Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities for Converting U.S. and Russian Research Reactors: A Workshop Report (2012)

End Points for Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Radioactive Waste in Russia and the United States (2003)

Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternatives for the Removal and Disposition of Molten Salt Reactor Experiment Fluoride Salts (1997)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 17 (2013)

Bringing Fusion to the U.S. Grid (2021)