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Evaluating Obesity Prevention Efforts: A Plan for Measuring Progress (2013)

A Nationwide Framework for Surveillance of Cardiovascular and Chronic Lung Diseases (2011)

Implementing Strategies to Enhance Public Health Surveillance of Physical Activity in the United States (2019)

Child Health in Complex Emergencies (2006)

Global Health Risk Framework: Resilient and Sustainable Health Systems to Respond to Global Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Workshop Summary (2016)

Assessing the Effects of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on Human Health: A Summary of the June 2010 Workshop (2010)

Community Safety and Policing: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2021)

A Smarter National Surveillance System for Occupational Safety and Health in the 21st Century (2018)

Urbanization and Slums: Infectious Diseases in the Built Environment: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Suicide Prevention in Indigenous Communities: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

International Infectious Disease Emergencies and Domestic Implications for the Public Health and Health Care Sectors: Workshop in Brief (2015)

Systematizing the One Health Approach in Preparedness and Response Efforts for Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Training Physicians for Public Health Careers (2007)

Research Priorities for Assessing Health Effects from the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: A Letter Report (2010)

Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: Focus on Communities - Brief Summary: Institute of Medicine Regional Symposium (2006)

Building Communication Capacity to Counter Infectious Disease Threats: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)