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Models for Population Health Improvement by Health Care Systems and Partners: Tensions and Promise on the Path Upstream: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Adapting to Shorter Time Cycles in the United States Air Force: Proceedings of a Workshop Series (2021)

Teaching K-12 Science and Engineering During a Crisis (2020)

Frontiers in Understanding Climate Change and Polar Ecosystems: Report of a Workshop (2011)

Assessing 21st Century Skills: Summary of a Workshop (2011)

Establishing Transdisciplinary Professionalism for Improving Health Outcomes: Workshop Summary (2014)

Ecological Dynamics on Yellowstone's Northern Range (2002)

Long-Term Stewardship of DOE Legacy Waste Sites: A Status Report (2003)

Resilience Primer for Transportation Executives (2021)

A New Biology for the 21st Century (2009)

Summary of a Workshop on Software-Intensive Systems and Uncertainty at Scale (2007)

Community Perspectives on Obesity Prevention in Children: Workshop Summaries (2009)

Using Data Sharing to Improve Coordination in Peacebuilding: Report of a Workshop by the National Academy of Engineering and United States Institute of Peace: Roundtable on Technology, Science, and Peacebuilding (2012)

Promising Practices in Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education: Summary of Two Workshops (2011)

Industrial Methods for the Effective Development and Testing of Defense Systems (2012)

2018-2020 Assessment of the Army Research Office (2021)

Foundations of a Healthy and Vital Research Community for NASA Science (2022)

Surviving Supply Chain Integration: Strategies for Small Manufacturers (2000)

Mid-Term Assessment of Progress on the 2015 Strategic Vision for Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research (2021)

Behavioral and Social Science: 50 Years of Discovery (1986)