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Perhaps you meant celeb cortex?

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(NAS Colloquium) Neuroimaging of Human Brain Function (1998)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume VI: Brain and Behavior (2013)

In the Light of Evolution: Volume VII: The Human Mental Machinery (2014)

Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research: Workshop Summary (2011)

Improving and Accelerating Therapeutic Development for Nervous System Disorders: Workshop Summary (2014)

Neuroscience Biomarkers and Biosignatures: Converging Technologies, Emerging Partnerships: Workshop Summary (2008)

(NAS Colloquium) Vision: From Photon to Perception (1999)

Proceedings of a Workshop on Statistics on Networks (CD-ROM) (2007)

Monitoring Metabolic Status: Predicting Decrements in Physiological and Cognitive Performance (2004)