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Childhood Cancer and Functional Impacts Across the Care Continuum (2021)

Incorporating Weight Management and Physical Activity Throughout the Cancer Care Continuum: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Advancing Diagnostic Excellence for Older Adults: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2022)

Promoting Health Equity in Cancer Care: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Cancer Prevention and Cancer Care: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

The National Imperative to Improve Nursing Home Quality: Honoring Our Commitment to Residents, Families, and Staff (2022)

Health Literacy and Communication Strategies in Oncology: Proceedings of a Workshop (2020)

Envisioning a Transformed Clinical Trials Enterprise for 2030: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

The Role of Telehealth in an Evolving Health Care Environment: Workshop Summary (2012)

Improving Care to Prevent Suicide Among People with Serious Mental Illness: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Achieving Excellence in Cancer Diagnosis: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2022)

Comprehensive Cancer Care for Children and Their Families: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the Institute of Medicine and the American Cancer Society (2015)

Establishing Effective Patient Navigation Programs in Oncology: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Addressing the Adverse Consequences of Cancer Treatment: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Delivering High-Quality Cancer Care: Charting a New Course for a System in Crisis (2013)

Innovation in Electronic Health Records for Oncology Care, Research, and Surveillance: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

A National Trauma Care System: Integrating Military and Civilian Trauma Systems to Achieve Zero Preventable Deaths After Injury (2016)

Identifying Opportunities for Prevention and Intervention in the Youth Depression Cascade: Workshop in Brief (2016)