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Promoting Cardiovascular Health in the Developing World: A Critical Challenge to Achieve Global Health (2010)

Country-Level Decision Making for Control of Chronic Diseases: Workshop Summary (2012)

Global Health and the Future Role of the United States (2017)

Dietary Reference Intakes for Sodium and Potassium (2019)

Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Cardiovascular Effects: Making Sense of the Evidence (2010)

Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives (2012)

Caffeine in Food and Dietary Supplements: Examining Safety: Workshop Summary (2014)

Caffeine for the Sustainment of Mental Task Performance: Formulations for Military Operations (2001)

Cardiovascular Disability: Updating the Social Security Listings (2010)

Health and Behavior: The Interplay of Biological, Behavioral, and Societal Influences (2001)

Understanding Pathways to Successful Aging: How Social and Behavioral Factors Affect Health at Older Ages: Workshop in Brief (2015)

Health and the Environment in the Southeastern United States: Rebuilding Unity: Workshop Summary (2002)

Adequacy of Evidence for Physical Activity Guidelines Development: Workshop Summary (2007)

A Population-Based Policy and Systems Change Approach to Prevent and Control Hypertension (2010)

Nutrition Across the Lifespan for Healthy Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2016)

Sodium Intake in Populations: Assessment of Evidence (2013)

Ethical Issues in Studying the Safety of Approved Drugs: A Letter Report (2010)