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Envisioning a Transformed Clinical Trials Enterprise for 2030: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Advancing Open Science Practices: Stakeholder Perspectives on Incentives and Disincentives: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2020)

Engaging Communities in Addressing Structural Drivers of Obesity: Proceedings of a Workshop–in Brief (2022)

Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation (2012)

Chemistry in Primetime and Online: Communicating Chemistry in Informal Environments: Workshop Summary (2011)

Big Data: A Workshop Report (2012)

Attributes of a First-in-Class Environmental Program: A Letter Report Prepared for the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (2022)

Communicating the Value of Preservation: A Playbook (2012)

Guidebooks for Post-Award Contract Administration for Highway Projects Delivered Using Alternative Contracting Methods, Volume 1: Design–Build Delivery (2020)

Strategic Communications to Improve Support for Transit-Priority Projects: Report and Toolkit (2019)

A Guide to Agency-Wide Knowledge Management for State Departments of Transportation (2015)

Use of Web-Based Rider Feedback to Improve Public Transit Services (2015)

Improving Health Professional Education and Practice Through Technology: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Stem Cell Therapies: Opportunities for Ensuring the Quality and Safety of Clinical Offerings: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Sciences, and the International Society for Stem Cell Research (2014)

Sharing the Adventure with the Student: Exploring the Intersections of NASA Space Science and Education: A Workshop Summary (2015)

Resource Guide for Improving Diversity and Inclusion Programs for the Public Transportation Industry (2021)

Taking Stock of Science Standards Implementation: Proceedings of a Virtual Summit (2022)

Addressing Inaccurate and Misleading Information About Biological Threats Through Scientific Collaboration and Communication in Southeast Asia (2022)

Understanding the Value of Social Media at Airports for Customer Engagement (2014)

Multiagency Electronic Fare Payment Systems (2017)