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International Benchmarking of US Immunology Research (1999)

Using Human Resource Data to Track Innovation: Summary of a Workshop (2002)

Patents in the Knowledge-Based Economy (2003)

Advancing Concepts and Models for Measuring Innovation: Proceedings of a Workshop (2017)

Sources of Medical Technology: Universities and Industry (1995)

SBIR Program Diversity and Assessment Challenges: Report of a Symposium (2004)

Research and Development Data Needs: Proceedings of a Workshop (2005)

Putting Biotechnology to Work: Bioprocess Engineering (1992)

A Review of the New Initiatives at the NASA Ames Research Center: Summary of a Workshop (2001)

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Genomic Science Translation: Workshop Summary (2014)

Experiments in International Benchmarking of US Research Fields (2000)

The Small Business Innovation Research Program: Challenges and Opportunities (1999)

Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investments in Research: A Workshop Summary (2011)

U.S.-Japan Technology Linkages in Biotechnology: Challenges for the 1990s (1992)

Safeguarding the Bioeconomy (2020)

(NAS Colloquium) Science, Technology and the Economy (1996)

The Unique U.S.-Russian Relationship in Biological Science and Biotechnology: Recent Experience and Future Directions (2013)

Best Practices in State and Regional Innovation Initiatives: Competing in the 21st Century (2013)

Adopting New Medical Technology (1994)