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Psychosocial Concepts in Humanitarian Work with Children: A Review of the Concepts and Related Literature (2003)

What Is the Influence of the National Science Education Standards?: Reviewing the Evidence, A Workshop Summary (2003)

Health and Incarceration: A Workshop Summary (2013)

Independent Review of the Community Report from the Biosignature Standards of Evidence Workshop: Report Series—Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences (2022)

Time-Use Measurement and Research: Report of a Workshop (2000)

Deterrence and the Death Penalty (2012)

Environmental Justice Analyses When Considering Toll Implementation or Rate Changes—Final Report (2018)

Technological Trajectories and the Human Environment (1997)

Engineering Studies at Tribal Colleges and Universities (2006)

An Evaluation of the U.S. Navy's Extremely Low Frequency Submarine Communications Ecological Monitoring Program (1997)

Measuring the Impacts of Federal Investments in Research: A Workshop Summary (2011)

Racial and Gender Diversity in State DOTs and Transit Agencies (2007)

Crime Victims with Developmental Disabilities: Report of a Workshop (2001)

Leveraging Longitudinal Data in Developing Countries: Report of a Workshop (2002)

Measurement Problems in Criminal Justice Research: Workshop Summary (2003)

Right-of-Way Methods and Tools to Control Project Cost Escalation (2009)

Visualization of Highway Performance Measures (2022)

Are Generational Categories Meaningful Distinctions for Workforce Management? (2020)

Railroad Legal Issues and Resources (2015)