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Assessing the United States Institute of Peace Jennings Randolph Senior Fellowship (2008)

Scientific Research in Education (2002)

Electronic Scientific, Technical, and Medical Journal Publishing and Its Implications: Proceedings of a Symposium (2004)

Educating Mathematical Scientists: Doctoral Study and the Postdoctoral Experience in the United States (1992)

Understanding Others, Educating Ourselves: Getting More from International Comparative Studies in Education (2003)

Toward an Understanding of Global Change: Initial Priorities for U.S. Contributions to the International Geosphere - Biosphere Program (1988)

Fostering Integrity in Research (2017)

The Roles of Academic Health Centers in the 21st Century: A Workshop Summary (2002)

Facing Hazards and Disasters: Understanding Human Dimensions (2006)

National Emergency Care Enterprise: Advancing Care Through Collaboration: Workshop Summary (2009)

Integrating Social and Behavioral Sciences Within the Weather Enterprise (2018)

Medical Education and Societal Needs: A Planning Report for Health Professions (1983)

Halley's Quest: A Selfless Genius and His Troubled Paramore (2005)

Engaging Schools: Fostering High School Students' Motivation to Learn (2004)