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The Bicentennial Census: New Directions for Methodology in 1990: 30th Anniversary Edition (2015)

Developing a 21st Century Global Library for Mathematics Research (2014)

Using Models to Estimate Hog and Pig Inventories: Proceedings of a Workshop (2019)

Statistical Challenges in Assessing and Fostering the Reproducibility of Scientific Results: Summary of a Workshop (2016)

Probability and Algorithms (1992)

Federal Statistics, Multiple Data Sources, and Privacy Protection: Next Steps (2017)

Once, Only Once, and in the Right Place: Residence Rules in the Decennial Census (2006)

Statistics, Testing, and Defense Acquisition: Background Papers (1999)

The 2000 Census: Counting Under Adversity (2004)

Using the American Community Survey: Benefits and Challenges (2007)

Unknown Quantity: A Real and Imaginary History of Algebra (2006)

Affordability of National Flood Insurance Program Premiums: Report 2 (2016)

Experimentation and Evaluation Plans for the 2010 Census: Interim Report (2008)

Research and Plans for Coverage Measurement in the 2010 Census: Interim Assessment (2007)

Statistical Analysis of Massive Data Streams: Proceedings of a Workshop (2004)

Effective Tracking of Building Energy Use: Improving the Commercial Buildings and Residential Energy Consumption Surveys (2012)

Reengineering the 2010 Census: Risks and Challenges (2004)

Small Populations, Large Effects: Improving the Measurement of the Group Quarters Population in the American Community Survey (2012)

Coverage Measurement in the 2010 Census (2009)