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Naval Forces' Capability for Theater Missile Defense (2001)

Reefscape: Reflections on the Great Barrier Reef (2001)

Naval Mine Warfare: Operational and Technical Challenges for Naval Forces (2001)

Alternative Technologies to Replace Antipersonnel Landmines (2001)

Opportunities in Biotechnology for Future Army Applications (2001)

2001 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Aircraft Technology Program (2001)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 9 (2001)

Review of the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Infrastructure and Aerospace Engineering Disciplines to Meet the Needs of the Air Force and the Department of Defense (2001)

Scientific Advances in Animal Nutrition: Promise for the New Century: Proceedings of a Symposium (2001)

Perspectives on the Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections Surveillance and Response System: A Program Review (2001)

Firepower in the Lab: Automation in the Fight Against Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism (2001)

Review of the U.S. Department of Defense Air, Space, and Supporting Information Systems Science and Technology Program (2001)

Proceedings, Second Workshop: Panel to Review the 2000 Census (2001)

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering From the 2000 NAE Symposium on Frontiers in Engineering (2001)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 80 (2001)

Testing Teacher Candidates: The Role of Licensure Tests in Improving Teacher Quality (2001)

Information Systems and the Environment (2001)