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Infusing Ethics into the Development of Engineers: Exemplary Education Activities and Programs (2016)

The Climate Change Educational Partnership: Climate Change, Engineered Systems, and Society: A Report of Three Workshops (2014)

The Ecology of Industry: Sectors and Linkages (1998)

Technology and Environment (1989)

Technically Speaking: Why All Americans Need to Know More About Technology (2002)

Measures of Environmental Performance and Ecosystem Condition (1999)

State Science and Technology Policy Advice: Issues, Opportunities, and Challenges: Summary of a National Convocation (2008)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 13 (2010)

Product Liability and Innovation: Managing Risk in an Uncertain Environment (1994)

Energy: Production, Consumption, and Consequences (1990)

Information Systems and the Environment (2001)

The Greening of Industrial Ecosystems (1994)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 24 (2022)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 9 (2001)

Engineering as a Social Enterprise (1991)

Memorial Tributes: Volume 11 (2007)

Emerging Technologies and Ethical Issues in Engineering: Papers from a Workshop (2004)

The Industrial Green Game: Implications for Environmental Design and Management (1997)