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Toward Environmental Justice: Research, Education, and Health Policy Needs (1999)

Community Power in Population Health Improvement: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Nursing, Health, and the Environment (1995)

Environmental Medicine: Integrating a Missing Element into Medical Education (1995)

Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Resources: The Role of the National Library of Medicine (1997)

Ensuring Safe Food: From Production to Consumption (1998)

Rebuilding the Unity of Health and the Environment: A New Vision of Environmental Health for the 21st Century (2001)

Ensuring Environmental Health in Postindustrial Cities: Workshop Summary (2003)

Global Environmental Health: Research Gaps and Barriers for Providing Sustainable Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Services: Workshop Summary (2009)

Environmental Health Indicators: Bridging the Chasm of Public Health and the Environment: Workshop Summary (2004)

Alliances for Obesity Prevention: Finding Common Ground: Workshop Summary (2012)

Internet Access to the National Library of Medicine's Toxicology and Environmental Health Databases (1998)

Health and the Environment in the Southeastern United States: Rebuilding Unity: Workshop Summary (2002)

Advancing Obesity Solutions Through Investments in the Built Environment: Proceedings of a Workshop—in Brief (2017)

Scaling Program Investments for Young Children Globally: Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean: Summary of a Joint Workshop by the Institute of Medicine, the National Research Council, and Fundação Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal, São Paulo (2015)

Green Healthcare Institutions: Health, Environment, and Economics: Workshop Summary (2007)

The Future of Public Health (1988)

Perspectives from United Kingdom and United States Policy Makers on Obesity Prevention: Workshop Summary (2010)

Global Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Governmental Regulation to Corporate Social Responsibility: Workshop Summary (2007)