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Educating Children with Autism (2001)

Science, Evidence, and Inference in Education: Report of a Workshop (2001)

Knowing What Students Know: The Science and Design of Educational Assessment (2001)

Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency: Second Edition (2001)

Early Childhood Development and Learning: New Knowledge for Policy (2001)

Diffusion Processes and Fertility Transition: Selected Perspectives (2001)

Eager to Learn: Educating Our Preschoolers (2001)

Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics (2001)

Embedded, Everywhere: A Research Agenda for Networked Systems of Embedded Computers (2001)

Carving Our Destiny: Scientific Research Faces a New Millennium (2001)

Global Networks and Local Values: A Comparative Look at Germany and the United States (2001)

Biographical Memoirs: Volume 79 (2001)

Facing the Unexpected: Disaster Preparedness and Response in the United States (2001)

Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Workplace: Low Back and Upper Extremities (2001)

Health and Behavior: The Interplay of Biological, Behavioral, and Societal Influences (2001)

The Right Thing to Do, The Smart Thing to Do: Enhancing Diversity in the Health Professions -- Summary of the Symposium on Diversity in Health Professions in Honor of Herbert W. Nickens, M.D. (2001)

New Horizons in Health: An Integrative Approach (2001)