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Assessing the Environmental Justice Effects of Toll Implementation or Rate Changes: Guidebook and Toolbox (2018)

Environmental Justice Analyses When Considering Toll Implementation or Rate Changes—Final Report (2018)

Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies (2011)

Exploring Equity in Multisector Community Health Partnerships: Proceedings of a Workshop (2018)

Communities in Action: Pathways to Health Equity (2017)

Guidelines for the Application of Crossing Solutions at Roundabouts and Channelized Turn Lanes for Pedestrians with Vision Disabilities (2016)

English Learners in STEM Subjects: Transforming Classrooms, Schools, and Lives (2018)

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation: America's Science and Technology Talent at the Crossroads (2011)

Advancing Maternal Health Equity and Reducing Maternal Morbidity and Mortality: Proceedings of a Workshop (2021)

The Effects of Drug Control Policies on Individual and Community Health for People of Color: Proceedings of a Workshop (2022)

Shaping Summertime Experiences: Opportunities to Promote Healthy Development and Well-Being for Children and Youth (2019)

Supporting a Movement for Health and Health Equity: Lessons from Social Movements: Workshop Summary (2014)

Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures (2017)

America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences: Volume I (2001)

Fairness and Effectiveness in Policing: The Evidence (2004)

Integrating Social Care into the Delivery of Health Care: Moving Upstream to Improve the Nation's Health (2019)

Hispanics and the Future of America (2006)

Multiple Origins, Uncertain Destinies: Hispanics and the American Future (2006)

Reforming Juvenile Justice: A Developmental Approach (2013)