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U.S. Research Institutes in the Mathematical Sciences: Assessment and Perspectives (1999)

The Practicality of Pulsed Fast Neutron Transmission Spectroscopy for Aviation Security (1999)

An Assessment of the National Institute of Standards and Technology Measurement and Standards Laboratories: Fiscal Year 1999 (1999)

Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics: Basic Research for Tomorrow's Technology (1999)

Space Studies Board Annual Report 1998 (1999)

Nuclear Physics: The Core of Matter, The Fuel of Stars (1999)

Review of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Fossil Energy's Research Plan for Fine Particulates (1999)

Impact of Advances in Computing and Communications Technologies on Chemical Science and Technology: Report of a Workshop (1999)

Assessment of Technologies Deployed to Improve Aviation Security: First Report (1999)

Review of the Army Non-Stockpile Chemical Materiel Disposal Program: Disposal of Chemical Agent Identification Sets (1999)

1999 Assessment of the Office of Naval Research's Air and Surface Weapons Technology Program (1999)

Realizing the Potential of C4I: Fundamental Challenges (1999)

Materials Science and Engineering: Forging Stronger Links to Users (1999)

A Scientific Rationale for Mobility in Planetary Environments (1999)

Gravitational Physics: Exploring the Structure of Space and Time (1999)

Research Agenda for Test Methods and Models to Simulate the Accelerated Aging of Infrastructure Materials: Report of a Workshop (1999)

A Science Strategy for the Exploration of Europa (1999)

Trust in Cyberspace (1999)

Technology-Based Pilot Programs: Improving Future U.S. Military Reserve Forces (1999)

Naval Expeditionary Logistics: Enabling Operational Maneuver from the Sea (1999)