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A Review of the Dose Reconstruction Program of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (2003)

Assessment of the Scientific Information for the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program (2005)

An Assessment of Potential Health Effects from Exposure to PAVE PAWS Low-Level Phased-Array Radiofrequency Energy (2005)

A Review of the Radiological Assessments Corporation's Fernald Dose Reconstruction Report (1997)

Distribution and Administration of Potassium Iodide in the Event of a Nuclear Incident (2004)

Assuring the Safety of the Pentagon Mail: Letter Report (2003)

Assessment of Scientific Information for the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program: Interim Report (2003)

Letter Report: Review of the Identification of Radionuclides Released from the Hanford Nuclear Reservation's Facilities to the Columbia River (2002)

Exposure of the American Population to Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests: A Review of the CDC-NCI Draft Report on a Feasibility Study of the Health Consequences to the American Population from Nuclear Weapons Tests Conducted by the United States and Other Nations (2003)

The Arctic Aeromedical Laboratory's Thyroid Function Study: A Radiological Risk and Ethical Analysis (1996)