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MyNAP is a login service to access special features and preferences for the website.

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Getting Started

If you do not already have an account, you may create one by going to the Register For An Account page and entering your email address and creating a password.

Important: an account will only exist for your email address if you have specifically created an account in the past. Being a subscriber to the email newsletter or having ordered online before does not automatically create an account.

After you have created an account, you can log in by looking for the Login button at the top right corner of every page of If you are logged in, the links in the upper right corner will display Logout and MyNAP. Click MyNAP to go to your personal account features.

Features of MyNAP

My Bookshelf

The first tab on your MyNAP page is My Bookshelf. This tab contains all of the books that you've downloaded as free PDFs, purchased, saved (see "Saving Books" below) and bookmarked (see "Bookmarking Books" below).

On the right side of My Bookshelf, there is a search box that will allow you to search only the titles on your personal Bookshelf. Below that, you may view your Bookshelf's items by those books that you have saved, downloaded, bookmarked or purchased.

If you click "View Bookmarked", you may see all of your bookmarks, add or edit notes on each bookmark, and remove individual bookmarks.

To remove a title from any of these sections, select "[X] Remove this title" on the right side of any title in My Bookshelf.

Saving and Bookmarking Books

You must be logged in to MyNAP to save books and bookmarks to your Bookshelf.

To save a book when you are on a book's catalog page, look for the "Save to Bookshelf" image above and to the right of the title of the book.

To save a book when you are on a book's openbook page (that is, when you are reading the book online), look directly to the right of the page that you are reading. You will see a MyNAP section directly above the share tools, giving you two options: "Save to bookshelf" and "Bookmark this page." Clicking "Save to bookshelf" will save the entire book to your Bookshelf, and clicking "Bookmark this page" will save the page that you are viewing to your Bookshelf.

After you click "Bookmark this page", you will have the option to save a personal note along with each bookmark. You can add or edit notes for bookmarks by clicking MyNAP at the top of any page when you are logged in, clicking the My Bookshelf tab and then clicking "View Bookmarked."


The Recomendations tab in MyNAP of the site gives recommendations on other books you may be interested in based on your personal history of purchasing, saving, downloading and bookmarking.


The preferences tab of MyNAP allows you to:

  1. Change your name and sector/profession. To edit these, click "Edit Preferences" in the top right of the "Account Preferences" box, and then click Save in the upper right corner of the "Account Preferences" box.
  2. Change the password you use to login to MyNAP. If you wish to change your password, click "Edit Preferences" in the red header box by "Account Preferences." Type your new password, re-type it in the bottom box and then click Save below the box.
  3. Subscribe or unsubscribe from the New From NAP newsletter, change whether you prefer to get HTML or text email, and select your topic preferences.


Why am I told "No account found with this address" when I try to reset my password?

It cannot find an account in the database with that email address. Note that it is possible to be subscribed to the NAP newsletter or to have made a purchase with an email address without having a MyNAP account.

To fix this, register for a new MyNAP account and then login with that new account.

If you are still experiencing difficulty or are sure that you have a MyNAP account with that address, contact Customer Service.

I don't see the Save To Bookshelf or Bookmark This Page links.

You must be logged in to MyNAP to see those links. Click "Login" at the top right of the page.

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